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Many months ago, we told you about LSM’s LeadGenius
system being used for our work-from-home client.

If you recall, the problem for this project was that
the folks responding to the TV offer were providing
proper addresses but fake phone numbers on the web
signup form.
Now a new service from TARGUSinfo is helping a
Direct-to-Consumer Medical Supply Company solve the
same problem.

For those in the business of home loans, home equity
lines of credit, auto loans, insurance, debt
consolidation, and others, check out this new way of
capturing lost sales leads.

OVERVIEW: This rapidly growing medical supply company
was losing opportunities in a database of leads that
it generated with online submission forms. More and
more leads had become unreachable because they lacked
valid phone numbers.

TARGUSinfo enhanced those leads with verified phone
numbers, adding thousands of new prospects to the
company’s outbound calling list. The company suddenly
converted to sale over 2.3% of these leads from
previously unreachable consumers. This enabled the
company to lower its cost per acquisition by 87%.
Instead of its typical CPA of $115, the company
measured a CPA of just $15.53 for the recovered leads
that it converted.

The solution also had a positive impact on the
environment in the company’s call center. “The people
who actually pick up the phone and dial these numbers
are saying, ‘We want those TARGUSinfo leads. 'Can you
give us any more of those TARGUSinfo leads?’

Want to learn how to pick up new customers with no new
media? Talk with a Last Second Media representative
about Targusinfo solutions. Targus Data lets smart
marketers, be even better salespeople, with tools that
let you:

* Use the power of Caller-ID to learn about every
* Verify consumer information against phone records
* Provide additional information about the caller
* Cut your call times (and call center costs) with
pre- populated addressing
* Make your records even more valuable

If you’d like a leg up on the competition for 2006,
learn more about this new media managment programs
from Last Second Media: 800-334-4500

* Use the power of Caller-ID to learn about every

Call us for TargusInfo Solutions at 800.334.4500

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