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DIGITAL MARKETING: Push Email Respondents to Flash

Moving folks from TV, to the web, to the cashier aisle
has never been easier with the combination of HTML
email and an online FLASH presentation. We call moving
folks down the sales cycle: the Communication
Continuum. Now you can meld the two worlds of Internet
and TV--and pay only for success. CASE STUDY: We took
a newly developed work-from-home client with a nifty 7
minute FLASH presentation and pushed them across North
America through digital marketing. In their FLASH
presentation you learn nearly everything you need to
know about the $1,000 package using full motion video
and sound. Better still there's almost no cost of
fulfillment, duplication or broadcast. You just need
to get interested people to the FLASH presentation. To
do that we created an HTML enable email campaign and
mailed it to past respondents of a TV commercial
offering more information about working at home.
Hundreds of thousands received the email. Hundreds
watched the FLASH presenation. Then 30 or 40 people
signed up for more information. By buying on a
pay-for-performance basis, the client was able to
drive $12,000 to $20,000 a month in new sales at a
cost of only $3,000. Learn more about this concept by
following this link below..

Call from the Web / Phone Money

LIKE A FREE YELLOW PAGE AD: Now you can reach over 19
million AOL subscribers in our unique
pay-for-performance advertising campaign that pushes
people from the Internet to the phone. (And no, this
isn't Click-to-Call. It's a real toll free number)
popular consumer business such as hearing aids, credit
counseling, real estate, or legal help now you can
advertise and pay only for each call. Your text
advertisement will be featured at the top of AOL
search results in popular categories. Great for
smaller concerns with geographic or limited operating
hours as we can limit response to certain area codes
and time of the day . From $2.30 per call + free long
distance, too!

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