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Residual Radio

Our New Radio Network Really Works at the Last Second

  • Need Cheaper Leads?

  • Want to Test a New Concept?

  • Just Getting Your Direct Response Program Started?

We've just added a new component to lastsecondRADIO that takes advantage of web technology and the unsold ad inventory of 140 radio stations nationwide, literally at the last second. We call it Residual Radio .

Residual Radio takes further advantage of declining radio rates and puts direct response marketers in the position to take advantage of tomorrow's unsold inventory. It gets you started quickly and involves less than half the capital risk.

For years, we've offered a large network of thousands of radio stations with very targeted formats called lastsecondRADIO .  Its success for over 150 clients lies in bidding opportunistic rates for next month's unsold inventory.

Where Infinity and Clear Channel stations might charge $7 per thousand listeners for a :60 commercial, lastsecondRADIO delivers at $3 and less. The lower your cost per thousand listeners, the lower your cost per lead and the lower your cost of advertising per sales.

Residual Radio and lastsecondRADIO offer more volume and control than per-inquiry radio.  By measuring and controlling Creative, Geography, Format and Dayparts, clients can add profits and huge volume to their TV lead generation. You've read about why this makes sense in Supplementing DRTV with Radio in our previous tips #77.

Our new program, Residual Radio solves some of the concerns that kept small advertisers from trying radio.  Here's an overview comparing lastsecondRADIO with that of our smaller network:


NEW SOLUTIONóResidual Radio


$20K Monthly Minimum Spend

$10K Minimum Deposit

Full Month Commitment

Weekly Commitment - Refundable

15 Day Inventory Lock Up

Only 7 Day Advance


Close Review of Product

Open to Neutriceuticals, Gaming and Products


15 to 30 Days Start Time

72 Hour Start Time

Up to 30 Day Clearance Logs & Reporting

Real time Reporting with 7 Day Electronic Affidavits

Blind Station Transaction

Full Disclosure

Results Summary

Hands On Reporting

.PDF/ Paper Reporting

Web Interface

Easier to Manage & Grow

More Market Data


All Big Markets 1-25 DMA

Big and Small Markets 1-200 DMA


From $3/M Listeners

From $1/M Listeners

Flat Cost Per Thousand Listeners

Variable Cost by Market Size

Unknown Profit Margin

Disclosed 15% Profit Margin



If you're ready to try Residual Radio , we're offering $500 in free copywriting and production in the month of July.  With just 72 hours notice, a small refundable deposit and a working 800# at your call center, you're ready to get started right now.

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