Tips 62

Automate the Sales Process to Increase Conversion

This week we'll discuss the last three of six great tools available for automating the sales process, and increasing sales conversion:

1.  Instant Notification - Some smart players have their leads forwarded to their Blackberry pagers so see new leads the minute they come in. This way they can call the prospect back from anywhere in the world and even close the sale while on vacation.

2.  Voice Broadcast - After an auto-reply email has been sent and a live call-back is attempted, keep working the lead with voice broadcasting or a predictive dialer. Messages will be delivered to answering machines or voice mail.  Give the prospect a special limited time offer and try to personalize the message.  You will find this a valuable way to harvest old contacts and recoup your marketing expenses.

3.  Auto-Reply E-Mail - You want to get back in touch with the customer and move them forward towards a sale after each contact.  Some great times to send out an automated email are:

  • Upon receipt of the lead
  • After a phone call
  • 5 days after sending a direct mail piece
  • After a request for more info or newsletter sign-up
  • After opening the first email
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