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Our recommended National Radio Network takes advantage of unsold advertising inventory on over 2550 powerful radio stations nationwide. Literally at the last second, you’ll secure expensive ad time at 40-90% below rate card. This program takes further advantage of declining radio rates and puts direct response marketers in the position to take advantage of tomorrow’s unsold inventory. That’s because our recommended National Radio Network secures unsold inventory up to a year ahead. With the best-tested creative and about 90 days of testing, you can dial in consistent profits at huge scale.

You’ve read about why this makes sense in Supplementing DRTV with Radio in our previous tips #77. Now it’s your turn to learn more.


For years, we’ve referred big name clients this unique network. They’ve the specialists of unsold radio inventory who wield powerful results focusing on very targeted, and very repeatable, formats.

DRTV clients in the timeshare, work-from-home, mortgage, and electronics industries have all reported tremendous profitability and scale for this media module.


The success on our recommended National Radio Network lies in bidding opportunistic rates for next month’s unsold inventory.

Where Inifinity and Clear Channel stations might charge $7 per thousand listeners (CPM) for a :60 commercial, our preferred National Radio Network delivers at $3 and less. By measuring and controlling Creative, Geography, Format and Daypart, clients can add profits and huge volume to their TV lead generation.

Learn more about driving profits to your company using lower-cost per thousand radio inventory with tremendous service without expense.

Call 1-800-334-4500 for our comprehensive $100,000 Marketing Survey® and see if this category killer is right for you.


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