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Target: Urban Area: White-Collar
Spot Length: :60 Spot
Length of Test: 2 - 3 Weeks
Pre-Paid Cost: $8,100
Reach 15 Million



Reach 15 Million Listeners for Under

$.60 CPM with PI Web Radio Advertising

We'll run an individual :60 audio spot within the web http://www.lastsecondmedia.tv/images/Streaming-Per-Inquiry-Radio.jpgstreaming broadcast of over 60+ radio stations.  Based on the results of the media test, we will then offer performance-based pricing (Per Inquiry) for roll out on up to 600+ additional streaming audio radio broadcast venues.  You'll pay nothing for broadcast after the test, just for each valid lead.

PI Web Radio is a credible, responsive medium that delivers impressions to an educated, affluent, loyal audience and you only pay for the responses. Web radio refers to a stream of audio content that is broadcast via the internet. It is becoming increasingly popular as more web users move to high-speed internet connections and seek free quality audio content online. Walk around any office in the US, and you'll see workers listening to their favorite radio stations via the internet.

With instant access to online response and a fantastic demographic of hard-to-reach, younger, white-collar professionals; direct response advertisers are excited about the low cost and huge reach afforded by marketing on professional online radio broadcast over the web.

The market is large. There are an estimated 2.1 - 2.7 billion streams/progressive download views per month in the professional, ad supported or free content segment.

And unlike traditional Arbitron ratings for broadcast radio, internet radio has accurate listenership measurement. Here's how you can advertise to 15 million listeners with your Per inquiry (PI) offer.

Up to 60 Markets 
15,000,000 Insertions
 :60 Length

Testing Cost Per Spot:    $.00054 (about 5% of a penny per spot)
Effective Reach:  15,000,000
Estimated Audience:  15,000,000
TESTING CPM:   $.54 CPM  (It costs a little over fifty cents to reach 1,000 listeners)
Formats:  The nation's biggest news-talk outlets, Rock, some Gospel.


Radio Market Feeds Emanated From (Up to 60 DMAs):




Albuquerque Harrisburg Oklahoma City
Allentown Ithaca Portland
Atlanta Knoxville Portsmouth
Augusta Kokomo Presque Isle
Baton Rouge Lafayette Providence
Binghamton Lancaster Reno
Birmingham Lansing Saginaw
Boise Little Rock Salt Lake City
Buffalo Los Angeles San Francisco
Charleston Memphis Spokane
Chattanooga Minneapolis Springfield
Chicago Modesto Stockton
Colorado Springs Muncie Syracuse
Columbia Muskegon Tri-Cities
Dallas/Ft. Worth Nashville Tucson
Des Moines New Bedford Tuscaloosa
Detroit New London Washington DC
Erie New Orleans Wilkes-Barre
Flint New York Worcester
Grand Rapids

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