Last Second Cable - Network Cable at Half the Cost!

Scalable. Targeted. Profitable.

Last Second Cable assembles unsold advertising time on major national cable networks to provide broadcast to clients at a full 50% off network rate card.

This is a truly unique and profitable system for advertisers:

Unlike per-inquiry television, you're broadcasting on the networks you know your audience is watching, and your broadcast is occurring during premium day parts.

Unlike buying time directly from the networks, you can avoid the occurrence of large spikes in call volume while reaching a higher percentage of homes in the top 50 DMA's.

The Last Second Cable system reach 86% of US cable households with heavy coverage in the top 50 DMA's. In fact, 95 of the top 100 DMA's are covered. Networks, day parts, and even geographic regions can be targeted specifically for your offer.

Last Second Cable provides an excellent opportunity for advertisers looking to add volume to their performance advertising campaign or to expand on their successes in buying low-cost time. Minimum budget of $50k required to initiate a campaign.

Give us a call for more details at 1-800-334-4500.


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