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How To Get Top Spots on Google


May We Launch Your Web Video To The Top Of Google?

  • Tired of paying ever-increasing Cost Per Clicks on the Google?
  • Angry that your competitors have higher rankings on the search engines?
  • Care to be the top link on hundreds of thousands of Google searches?
  • Wishing to dilute the damage to your brand name from blog complaints?
  • Now you can get free links and free advertising from online web video!

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Contract an exclusive 100 keyterm package and only pay $3000 a month. Call 1-800-334-4500 for a free consultation. Offer ends Nov. 30, 2008.

Last Second Media announces the new Web Video Launch (WVL) program for capturing top spots on the major search engines including Google, MSN, AOL, and Yahoo.

This program gives your Company top rankings on major search engines in a matter of days. Last Second Media’s WVL Program is now your secret weapon to gain web traffic and return profitability to your search engine marketing.

It makes sense. With Google’s billion dollar purchase of YouTube, their page ranking algorithms now weight video content with more weight. And with the rise of user-generated content and social media sites such as Face Book and MySpace Video, it’s becoming more difficult for consumers to find what they are looking for. With increased consumer appetite for online video content, the search engine optimization industry is quickly adjusting to Web Video Launch.

From a onetime cost of under $3,000, direct response marketers are now winning top-ranking in highly contested key terms that power their business with Web Video Launch.

For a free consultation and a custom Web Video Launch plan,

Call 1-800-334-4500


If you don’t optimize your Web video for search engines, the greatest video ever made risks being lost in the flood of content washing over the Internet.

So what is Web Video Launch? Simply put, Web Video Launch is the art and science of ensuring that your video content attracts as much traffic as possible. Here’s how we take advantage of current technology to increase the odds that your Web video can be found by people searching for clips on the Web.


For years, DRTV and direct response radio advertisers have relied on paid or organic search terms to extend the profits of direct response brand marketing. Now with Last Second Media’s WVL Program, you can invest in a one-time capital expense instead of a monthly promotional expense approaching tens of thousands.


Last Second Media has unlocked the secret to reach top rankings with our new Web Video Launch Program in order to build ranking using key terms. The program matches new step-by-step procedures recently adopted by the search engines to recognize full motion video over text based links. With our unique process and video submission engines, Last Second Media now makes rapid disruptions of organic key word rankings available for marketers of all types and sizes.

THE PROBLEMS: High Cost, Time, Opportunity Cost, Auction Bidding Costs

Standard search engine optimization can take months to build back links and referral pages for your Company. One technique is to pay as much as $750 for each PRNEWSWIRE placement, but that gives you one story to tell and text links only.

Lately, clients have had to bid-up key terms in the paid search results using Google Ad Sense, Yahoo’s former Overture system or manage circumspect keyword buys on untargeted sites like Kanoodle. With some keywords costing as high as $50 per click, buying keywords has rapidly become unprofitable in this market. Go with web video syndication and ride for free with Last Second Media’s WVL Program.

Is Last Second Media’s WVL Program Right for Us?


  • Are you currently spending or plan to spend over a thousand dollars on key terms and search engine optimization?
  • Tired of your competitors having high rankings on search engines
  • Losing sleep over those negative reports on RipOffReport, Consumer Affairs, BBB or Compalints.com ?



  • Free Branding from the Web
  • Longer Term ROI
  • Free Leads from the Web
  • Gives you a Competitive Edge

Call Last Second Media at 1-800-334-4500 to enjoy long term search engine visibility with the WVL Program.








We offer basic Web Video Launch as the WVL Program on 30 key terms for $5,500.

We also offer enhanced Web Video Launch WVL Pro on 50 key terms for $7,500



In overview of our ability, Last Second Media has posted 61 key terms honing in on diabetic testing supplies for those on Medicare. The initial cost was $6,200 and delivered $6,340 in return within 21 days. Benefits are ongoing.

The results below proved overwhelmingly successful in under a week, pushing out leaders such as Liberty Medical Supply and Access Medical Supply who’ve held the top key terms for years.

The chart below shows Google Ranking just within a week:

Click below to view the chart which shows the amount of views within just a week:



In addition, Last Second Media has shown that even small clients can build instant recognition within weeks on top search engines. For example, we’ll look at http://www.1800MarryMe.com and how they enjoy being a top part of over 201,000 monthly searches on Google.

By reposting their original press coverage from CNBC, LSM created a long lasting referral for their diamond engagement ring sales. With key terms for “Diamond Engagement Ring” on Google costing as much as $4.50 each, this client had blown through $5,625 in one day. Now, they are ringing up sales for free.

Click on the Link below to view 1800MarryMe's postion on Google within 4 hours:



LSM’s Web Video Launch was able to secure page 1 results on Google for 15 of the 50 Terms. Even better, in 27 of the 50 terms, Web Video Launch secured multiple top 10 results on Google—driving up competitor’s costs and disrupting the online marketplace.

In just three weeks of initiating the Web Video Syndication Project, the LSM Web Video garnered 2824 video views with the best results coming from YouTube and AOL.

At $2.00 per click equivalent value, this returns at a theoretical $5,648 in impression value.
Not a bad return on $5500 investment over three weeks, right?

Click On the Link to view the chart which shows the amount of views within just 3 weeks!

Think we can help?

Call Last Second Media at 1-800-334-4500 to enjoy long term search engine visibility.

GET THE COMPLETE WHITE PAPER on Web Video Launch when you call or write. Email Frank to learn more.

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